Metal Art with Bona-Fide Weld Co.
 Last year, my good buddy Spencer Dougherty started up his own manufacturing and metal art company, Bona-Fide Weld Co. in Billings, Montana. I’ve since begun helping him develop the branding of the company in a way that correlates with his unique style and vision. We started out by developing a logo that embodies Spencer’s attention to detail and symmetry in his fabrication. 
Now, behind the scenes we’re diving further into the continued branding development that will allow for future successful marketing and recognition. In the meantime we set up this shoot that details a small part of the big process that goes into his metal art. He’s done an incredible job designing and fabricating metal fixtures and furniture suited for high end-homes, as well as creatively designed spaces. These barstools for example, truly show the attention to detail and fitment he instills in all of his custom fabrication. 
ace high leather a local custom leatherwork company, did a killer job utilizing the logo in some leather patch hats that are sure to help drive more recognition🤘

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